America’s Infrastructure has been graded

March 22, 2017

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) issues a report of infrastructure conditions in the US. This report includes an overall grade after a comprehensive assessment on the physical condition and needed investments for improvement.

The 2017 Infrastructure Report Card results are in… America scored a D+ once again. The infrastructure is in poor condition with strong risk of failure. Our challenges may be significant but ASCE reminds us there is a solution. We must invest, lead, plan, and prepare for the future needs. Read the full report to find out where we’re doing well and what needs action now.

Roads: D
In 2014, Americans spent 6.9 billion hours delayed in traffic. That’s 42 hours per driver!


Bridges: C+
9.1% of the nation’s bridges were structurally deficient in 2016 yet 188 million trips are taken every┬áday across them.


Parks: D+
In 2015, National Park Service (NPS) reached a record-high of $11.9 billion in deferred maintenance.


Wastewater: D+
76% of the population relies on 14,748 treatment plants for wastewater sanitation.