Developing an Accelerated Roads Program in Newton, MA

November 25, 2019

Accelerated Roads Program in Newton, MAThe City of Newton, MA recently partnered with BETA Group, Inc. and Roadbotics, Inc. for the development and implementation of an Accelerated Pavement Management Program using an automated approach to data collection.

Using the latest technological advances in machine vision and machine learning, roadway distress information was collected quickly and efficiently. The data was then organized by BETA in an easy-to-understand web-based platform, enabled with prioritization tools to assist with selection of roadway repairs, and presented in report form to be shared with the public, stakeholders, and contractors.

The BETA and Roadbotics team are particularly proud of the work performed for the City of Newton. The valuable resource enabled the City to save time and money as they worked to increase the safety and accessibility of their overall roadway network. Click here to watch a brief interview with Jim McGonagle, Commissioner of Public Works for the City of Newton.