BETA selected for Newmarket Square reconstruction project

July 23, 2021

BETA is excited to provide planning and design services for improvements to Newmarket Square in the City of Boston. Over the years, the area has attracted retail, hotel, financial, healthcare, and social service sectors which has generated significant growth in traffic by all users and modes, requiring the rehabilitation and modernization of the existing roadway infrastructure. The project encompasses Massachusetts Avenue, Theo Glynn Way, and Southampton Street in the Newmarket Square area and has an overall goal to increase use and enhance mobility and safety for all modes of transportation by improving the roadway corridor, providing accessible sidewalks, protected bicycle accommodations, enhanced street lighting, and providing safe roadway crossings. Recognizing the importance of this project and the area’s diverse businesses and adjacent residential communities, we have assembled a diverse team of experts to work in partnership with the City and the project’s many stakeholders. Our team is committed to improving and modernizing the City’s roadway infrastructure so it can support the current and future growth of Newmarket Square.

BETA has provided roadway corridor planning and design, including incorporating complete street principles, to many communities throughout Massachusetts and New England. We understand the importance of stakeholder involvement and support in dense urban settings where collaboration and compromise are required to solve complex issues with competing interests. Using this understanding and our knowledge and experience, BETA successfully completed the reconstruction of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, along which all modes of transportation had to be accommodated in a highly urbanized, utilized, and constrained transportation corridor. BETA also recently completed work on the reconstruction of Boston’s historic North Square, which was awarded a Preservation Achievement Award from the Boston Preservation Alliance and named Project of Year in Historic Preservation by the American Public Works Association. This project incorporated safety improvements and traffic calming to improve pedestrian accessibility, vehicular circulation, and enhance the Square’s cultural and historical value.

Our team will apply the same award-winning design skills to Newmarket Square, building on the Boston Bike Network Plan and the work undertaken by the Better Bike Lane Project on Massachusetts Avenue.  BETA’s team of experts will work closely with the City and Project stakeholders to develop a sense of place where residents, tourists, and the City’s workforce will continue to benefit from better, safer, and more efficient mobility choices in a uniquely thriving and inviting area of the City.