Marta J. Nover

Vice President

Marta possesses over 35 years of environmental consulting services providing expertise in federal, state and local environmental permitting, earning high level recognition and a respected reputation among her clients, regulators and colleagues. She provides an extensive and divergent client base with expertise in all aspects of wetlands and waterways permitting at the local, state, and federal levels.

Marta has invested her whole career working with the private, public and non-profit sector promoting compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations while at the same time applying practical and economic solutions. Her approach to all projects is consistent – respect the client, regulator and regulations; produce an excellent, defendable work product; and anticipate the environmental and political issues. Her professional skills besides her education and extensive work experience include keen instincts, ability to produce swift site and project evaluations, and provide personal investment in all project outcomes.

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