Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program

What is the MVP Program?
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs created the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program (MVP) to provide technical and financial support for municipalities to identify hazards and develop strategies to improve climate change resiliency and implement priority projects.

What kind of grants are available?
In Year 1, grant funding between $15,000 and $45,000 is available to MA municipalities for the preparation and conducting of an eight-hour community resilience building workshop. Afterwards, the municipality must prepare an Action Plan and hold a public listening session.

In Year 2 and beyond, grants are awarded between $10,000 and $400,000 for communities to implement the previously developed Action Plan. Tasks within the Action Plan include:

  • Detailed Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Public Education and Communication
  • Local Bylaws, Ordinances, Plans and Other Management Measures
  • Redesigns and Retrofits
  • Nature-based Storm Damage Protection, Drought Prevention, Water Quality and Water Infiltration Techniques
  • Nature-based Infrastructure and Technology Solutions to Reduce Vulnerability to Extreme Heat and Poor Air Quality
  • Nature-based Solutions to Reduce Vulnerability to other Climate Change Impacts
  • Ecological Restoration and Habitat Management to Increase Resiliency

BETA has many MVP certified facilitators who can offer technical assistance to communities wishing to complete the vulnerability assessment and resiliency plan.

MVP certified providers are trained in workshops across the state to provide technical assistance to communities in completing the assessment and resiliency plan. Our MVP certified staff are able to assess vulnerability and develop strategies to incorporate nature-based solutions into the planning process, based on the best available statewide climate projections and data.

Many communities across the Commonwealth have already received grant awards for MVP-certified projects. Reach out to see how we can assist your municipality in being considered for the next round of funding.

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