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  • Allen Road Billerica Reconstruction

Allen Road Corridor Improvements

Billerica, Massachusetts

Allen Road is an important in-town connector extending from Boston Road (Route 3A) to Webb Brook Road. The project is comprised of approximately 5,440 feet of Allen Road. Prior to construction, the roadway had a rural section with an irregular pavement width and was without sidewalks for most of its length. Services included the development of a design with alternatives to minimize right of way impacts, followed by the preparation of contract documents.

The project’s design, involved an extensive stormwater management system to address flooding, as well as provide control and treatment of runoff from existing and new pavement areas. Best Management Practice devices consist of deep sump catch basins, water quality inlets, vegetated swales, sediment traps, and extended detention basins.

The effort included interacting with the Conservation Commission, wetlands permitting, and land acquisition related activities. A key component of the design process was the obtainment of a design waiver to allow the roadway to be reconstructed to a 26-foot width.

Construction involves:

  • New Sewer System along the Corridor
  • Water Main Replacement
  • Full-depth Reconstruction
  • Horizontal and Vertical Realignments
  • Geometric Enhancements
  • Pavement Superelevation
  • Guardrail and Retaining Walls
  • New Curb and Edging
  • Sidewalks with ADA Compliant Wheel Chair Ramps

Project Management Team