• Barnstable MA Asset Management

Asset Management Program

Barnstable, Massachusetts

The Town of Barnstable requested the services of BETA to assist the Town in developing a user-friendly Asset Management System which was capable of incorporating the Town’s pavement management, sign management, wheelchair ramps, stormwater, sidewalks, traffic signals, street lights, and guard rails. The Town’s main objective was to create a Capital Improvement Plan which was based on all of the assets collected but also have the capability to separate out each asset into its own 5 year CIP. The use of a Web GIS program allowed BETA to seamlessly link photos to point data and instantly access this information from any location.

Streets were segmented on an intersection to intersection basis. Each segment of roadway was visually inspected and a photograph was captured. Wheelchair ramps were inventoried and located using the Web GIS program, hosted by PeopleGIS which allowed for real time attribution and progress tracking. Ramps were inspected for general condition, ramp material, whether a tactile warning panel was present, and a smart level reading was taken at each location. A photograph of every ramp was also captured, given a unique ID, and linked to each GIS location. Signs, catch basins, traffic signals, and street lights were also inspected and recorded as a point feature with applicable attribution.

Project Management Team