• Simsbury CT Bike Path

Asset Management Services

Simsbury, Connecticut

The Town of Simsbury initially retained BETA in 2009 to develop a Pavement Management Program (PMP) for its 170-mile roadway network. The Pavement Management Program was developed utilizing BETA’s customized Microsoft Access application. This GIS based Program provides Simsbury with the opportunity to synthesize pavement condition data with other descriptive information on a host of related roadway elements, such as sidewalks and drainage, to assist with Capital Improvement Planning (CIP).

Subsequent to the initial PMP development, the Town retained BETA to implement a Municipal Parking Lot and Bike Path inventory and inspection program. BETA created a customized Microsoft Access application utilizing the Pavement Management Program as the framework to inventory, inspect, and rate the municipal parking lots and Town-maintained bike paths. BETA also worked with Town staff and DPW interns to develop a culvert inventory and inspection program. Culverts were located in the field using subfoot GPS, inspected, and photographed. The inspection data was then added to the Town’s overall Asset Management System (AMS). BETA is currently working with the Town to further expand its AMS, to include a Sign Inventory and Compliance Program and an inventory and assessment of Town owned fire hydrants.


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