• Brook Street Culvert

Brook Street Culvert Inspection and Replacement

Westwood, Massachusetts

BETA performed a culvert inspection and replacement design of the Brook Street Culvert, a ten-foot-wide concrete arch connecting Pettee Pond and Willett Pond in Westwood. The culvert lies on a narrow causeway separating the two ponds. Deterioration of the culvert and erosion of the embankment had resulted in complete loss of support for the guardrail on both sides of the roadway.

BETA designed a replacement for the arch utilizing a 10 ft x 10 ft precast concrete box culvert that maintained the hydraulic capacity and opening to allow the passage of small pleasure boats. The use of precast concrete allowed the installation of the culvert sections to be completed in just a couple of days which greatly minimized the amount of time the water control measures were in place. The roadway embankment was re-established and reinforced against future erosion, and new guardrail was installed. BETA prepared the necessary environmental permits, presented the project to the Westwood Conservation Commission, and prepared preliminary and final contract documents.

Project Management Team