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Community-Wide Build-Out Analysis

Burrillville, Rhode Island

In 1974, the Town of Burrillville was ordered by RIDEM and the EPA to remedy the chronic pollution problems which existed in the Town as a result of inadequate disposal of sewage. Operating under the close scrutiny of the RI Department of Health and the EPA, BETA personnel helped the Town develop a facilities plan and design documents which resulted in the construction of an award winning facility.

In addition, members of BETA’s staff provided facility check-out upon completion of construction, a plan of operation, operation and maintenance manual, preventative maintenance system, operator training, and startup assistance. BETA continues to assist the Town on an “as-needed” basis regarding process control and troubleshooting.

This well-planned and executed effort was headed by the key members of BETA’s wastewater engineering staff. BETA continued to work with the Town to expand and improve its collection and treatment facilities for more than 15 years.

Numerous innovative technologies have been utilized in Burrillville, ranging from the dechlorination/re-aeration system at the treatment plant, to the grinder pumps in the collection system, to the sludge landfill rehabilitation, where the old sludge/soil mixture was used as a cover material at both the Town’s solid waste landfill and the state-run Central Landfill.

BETA completed the preparation of a Facility Plan Update for the Town. After 11 years of operation, the Town requested a reevaluation of the existing and proposed facilities at the halfway point in the original 20-year planning period. This effort involved conducting a community-wide build-out analysis. The analysis was completed using the Town’s GIS data that allowed for a Development Constraints Map to be generated and system needs to be evaluated.

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