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Complete Streets

Various Communities, New England

In 2012, BETA Group and PeopleGIS partnered with one common goal; to create an easy-to-use web-based Asset Management Program. Each company brought unique qualities to the table. BETA had developed an Asset Management Program through their experience working with municipalities over the prior 10 years. PeopleGIS had developed a web-based GIS which was both customizable and user-friendly. Utilizing the expertise of each company, Complete Streets was created.

This web-based Asset Management Platform allows municipalities to manage a variety of roadway assets such as pavement, signs, ramps and sidewalks all “under one roof.” The platform was built with the end user in mind; DPW Directors, Town Engineers, Foreman and Laborers now have the ability to access and update information about key assets from anywhere at any time. Rather than a paper report, Complete Street’s real-time reporting capabilities allow for key stakeholders to have up-to-the-second information; a critical component for asset management and capital planning.

The platform continues to grow and new features are added based on input from end users. Together, BETA Group and PeopleGIS continue to strive to build the ultimate Asset Management tool, Complete Streets.

Project Management Team