Downtown Streetscape & Signage Improvements

Concord, New Hampshire

Main Street Concord, Inc. retained BETA to develop a program for streetscape enhancements, pedestrian safety improvements, and signage concepts for downtown Concord. This effort included three storefront and one stakeholder meeting to gain input from businesses and community members, and a final presentation to the Concord City Council. Design concepts include paver crosswalks, pedestrian-oriented alley improvements that encourage new commercial development, and a unified signage system. The final report includes an inventory of short-term capital improvements that the City implemented over the following three years. As part of the reconstruction, BETA helped develop a series of streetscape alternatives to improve traffic flow and parking. The new street layout welcomes motorists traveling into Concord’s Downtown district. Design goals include creating a local character and improving the quality of the street. A series of design options were prepared with street trees, shrub plantings, lighting, benches, and other site elements to create this distinct expression.