GIS & Asset Management Services

Hamden, Connecticut

The Town of Hamden initially retained BETA in 2006, to provide on-call GIS services. Initial tasks included the development of a sidewalk complaint tracking database and link to GIS, creation of a power point presentation to show current GIS use and future needs, GIS support and training with other various GIS related services.

Under Phase 2 of the South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) regional asset management initiative, BETA initiated the development of a Pavement Management Program (PMP) for the Town of Hamden. 210 miles of paved Town roadways were inspected, rated and compiled in a pavement management database that was provided to the Town, along with technical support to Town personnel for use of the PMP database.

In 2014, as part of the SCRCOG regional asset management initiative, BETA developed a Sign Inventory that included the creation of a sign replacement program. Over 4,500 signs were inventoried, rated, field located and added to the Town’s Asset Management System (AMS). BETA assisted the Town with developing a comprehensive plow route based sign replacement program. In 2015, the Town retained BETA to update their existing PMP. Town roadways were inspected, rated and updated in the pavement management database. A series of condition reports and maps were developed showing the roadway work that had been completed since the initial roadway assessment. The Town was provided with an updated version of the PMP, featuring changes and updates to the program functionality since the original 2012 project.


Project Management Team