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Goodnow Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation

Framingham, Massachusetts

The City of Framingham owns a 300,000 gallon elevated, multi-legged steel water storage tank that was constructed in 1976. The tank is fabricated of Corten steel, which is a weathering steel that forms a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years, eliminating the need for painting.  After inspection, BETA found that several critical repairs and upgrades were needed to restore the tank and to extend its life and avoid having to replace the tank.

BETA completed the rehabilitation design including:

  • Bypass pumping system sizing and specifications
  • Full interior blasting/cleaning and coating
  • Minor exterior cleaning and coating since the major tank components are comprised of weathering steel
  • New fencing and pavement
  • Electrical upgrades including a UL listed lightning protection system
  • Instrumentation and control (SCADA ) upgrade

Design included a bypass pumping station to provide fire protection to this high-pressure service area. The Goodnow Pump Station, which supplies water to the area, does not have pumps of sufficient capacity to provide fire protection flows by themselves. Fire protection is provided in combination with the Goodnow Water Storage Tank. Therefore, the bypass pumping system was required to ensure that fire protection would be available while the storage tank was off-line.

Project Management Team