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Municipal Landfill Monitoring

New England

BETA has provided landfill closure and monitoring services for numerous Massachusetts municipal solid waste landfills, including:

Weymouth, MA
BETA designed and managed the capping and closure of the former Wharf Street municipal solid waste and incinerator ash landfill in Weymouth in 1999-2001. This closure, performed under Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations and approval, required additional significant coordination with the Weymouth Conservation Commission, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Environmental Management, and Coastal Zone Management, due to its location on the Weymouth Back River. Since 2001, BETA has continued to provide twice-yearly monitoring of groundwater, surface water and sediment, and quarterly monitoring of perimeter landfill gas.

Milton, MA/Quincy, MA
BETA is also working with both the Town of Milton and Quarry Hills Associates to provide post-closure monitoring of the former Town of Milton Landfill and the former Town of Quincy Landfill. These abutting municipal solid waste landfills have been capped and closed and are now the location of the 27-hole Granite Links Golf Course. BETA provides ongoing groundwater and surface water monitoring in compliance with site-specific DEP monitoring requirements for both of the landfills.

Uxbridge, MA
BETA provides landfill monitoring for two closed landfills in Uxbridge, Massachusetts: The Hazel Street MSW landfill and the River Road sewage treatment plant residuals landfill. At these landfills, BETA provides the Town of Uxbridge Department of Public Works with twice-yearly groundwater and landfill gas monitoring. Additional monitoring at the Hazel Street Landfill includes sampling of surfacewater, an abutting private water supply well, and monitoring for landfill gas in three privately-owned buildings on abutting private properties.

Bristol, RI
BETA developed plans and specifications to support five phases of landfill closure activities. BETA also designed a new transfer station while the landfill was being phased out. BETA provided construction administration and resident inspection during construction. BETA continues to assess groundwater conditions through a semi-annual sampling program at nine monitoring wells. The concentration of landfill gas arc also gauged at ten locations in the transfer station and the adjacent compost facility.

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