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Pavement Management System

Avon, Connecticut

BETA implemented a Pavement Management System for Avon’s 107-mile roadway network in 2007. The Pavement Management Program was developed utilizing BETA’s customized Microsoft Access application. This system provides Avon with the opportunity to synthesize pavement condition data with other descriptive information on a host of related roadway elements such as drainage and guard rail locations, and to assist with capital improvement planning (CIP).

The initial project included collection of catch basins and guardrails located along public highways using GPS equipment. The work involved training Town staff in GPS protocols to maintain data consistency. The system also included a custom Municipal Parking Lot Inspection form and rating, along with customized reports.

The final deliverable for this project, in addition to the pavement data elements, was a report that summarized the system findings of the pavement (107 miles). This included presenting information related to software capabilities, data collection methodologies, existing pavement, and programming/budgeting options.

BETA conducted a presentation with DPW staff at the Board of Finance and Town Council and completed an inspection audit in fall of 2012.

Project Management Team