• pump station needham
  • pump station needham
  • pump station needham

Reservoir B Pump Station OPM & Resident Observation

Needham, Massachusetts

The existing sewage pump  station  was  constructed  in  the  1940’s  and  contained  outdated  equipment  and did not meet capacity demands. The design of a replacement 3.0 MGD station included all pumping equipment, wet well, control systems, alarm monitoring and transmission systems, flow monitoring, backup electrical generator as well as heating and ventilation, plumbing,  electrical  and  instrumentation control work, yard piping and site work. The site is situated on a small parcel between Rt. 128 and the Charles River creating complicated construction as the existing station remained in operation until the new station was operational. BETA was selected by the Town as the Owner Project Manager (OPM) and construction manages for the project, acting on behalf of the Town.

Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) Services

  • Review quality of design
  • Maintain project progress
  • Control costs
  • Keep detailed meeting minutes
  • Conduct detailed peer review
  • Review permitting
  • Value Engineering
  • Add Ch 149 and SRF requirements to bid documents
  • Prepare SRF loan application
  • Review Code compliance
  • Attend progress meetings with Town and designer
  • Provide bidding assistance

Resident Observation Tasks

  • Provide full-time resident inspection
  • Monitor construction schedule
  • Administer weekly construction meetings
  • Convey designer’s interpretations of contract documents
  • Observe materials tests
  • Assist in shop drawing review
  • Maintain records and daily logs
  • Review payment applications
  • Project closeout
  • Start-up services
  • Assist with SRF funding tasks

Project Management Team