• Landfill Uxbridge MA
  • Landfill Uxbridge

Residuals Landfill Closure

Uxbridge, Massachusetts

BETA was retained by the Town of Uxbridge to conduct a site assessment of the River Street Residuals Landfill, the Town’s only wastewater sludge landfill. The project involved an initial site assessment and a comprehensive site assessment, as well as a Corrective Action Alternatives Analysis, or closure plan. The ISA involved a review of previous studies, site reconnaissance and development of a Comprehensive Site Assessment scope of work as approved by the MADEP.

The CSA included the installation of 8 groundwater monitoring wells which were installed around the perimeter and downgradient of the 6-acre landfill. These wells, along with sediment and surface water, were sampled and analyzed to assess the surface and subsurface environmental conditions at the site. The CSA involved quarterly monitoring of these sampling locations for one year. Additionally, landfill gas monitoring probes were installed and sampled quarterly for methane and other landfill gasses in accordance with the approved scope of work.

A risk assessment was then conducted for the site to assess the risks the site poses to the public health and the environment. The CSA Report was approved by the DEP and closure alternatives were developed under the Corrective Action Alternatives Analysis (CAAA). BETA was responsible for construction management during landfill closure activities.

Project Management Team