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Route 128 Water Main, Force Main & Sewer Realignment

Needham, Massachusetts

BETA completed a full investigation of Needham’s sewer and water systems within the Route 128 right-of-way in response to the MassDOT plan to expand the number of lanes on Route 128. Investigation results recommended replacing or rehabilitating all water and sewer pipes inside Route 128 to allow easier accessibility for future maintenance.

The design for this $5.5 million project included over 4,700 feet of new 12-inch and 8-inch PVC sewer main, 6,500 feet of new 12-inch DI force main, and 1,900 feet of 12- inch and 8-inch DI water main.

The design also required realigning several pipes crossing Route 128 and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) railroad tracks via trenchless technologies including:

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

  • 12-inch DI water main crossing Route 128 (two locations)
  • 12-inch force main crossing Route 128 (two locations)
  • 8-inch gravity sewer crossing MBTA railroad tracks

Pipe Jacking

  • 42-inch steel casing pipe with 12- inch PVC sewer main crossing Route 128

Cured-in-Place Liner

  • 15-inch VC sewer main crossing Route 128

Pipe Ramming

  • 12-inch force main crossing MBTA railroad tracks


Project Management Team