• Newington CT drain

Townwide Drainage System Mapping & Hydraulics

Newington, Connecticut

A drainage study was conducted to update the Town of Newington’s GIS drainage mapping and in turn evaluate its existing capacity and identify system deficiencies. The primary work included updating the Town’s existing GIS drainage mapping, evaluating the overall drainage network, and analyzing priority systems and problem areas, as provided by the Town. Existing record plans were used as the primary resource for mapping the system.

The Town of Newington’s drainage system consists of approximately 89 miles of pipeline, 323 manholes, and 5,638 catch basins. The system is constructed of pipes and culverts ranging in size from 4″ to 58″ x 91″ along with grass swales and detention/retention areas.

The existing condition analysis was completed utilizing a combination of Hydraflow Storm Sewers and HydroCad. Hydraflow was used to determine the hydraulic characteristics of the closed drainage systems while Hydrocad was utilized to analyze the cross culverts and impoundment areas. The results of the system analysis were used to develop improvement alternatives and associated costs to address areas currently exhibiting capacity or flooding related problems.


Project Management Team