Utility Infrastructure Replacement/Rehabilitation Services

Framingham, Massachusetts

BETA has provided the Town of Framingham with utility infrastructure services since 2002. Projects have included condition surveys; design and construction services for sewer, water, and drain rehabilitation and/or replacement; and roadway restoration.

Wastewater related work has included sewer evaluations through CCTV inspection, sewer replacement, and sewer rehabilitation. In recent years, BETA has evaluated, designed, and overseen construction of 6.6 miles of sewer replacement/rehabilitation. Water distribution related work has included system modeling, water main replacement, pumping station rehabilitation, storage tank rehabilitation, and a new booster station.

Recent sewer replacement/rehabilitation projects have included:

Grant and Pond Street Sewer Replacement/Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation: 12,300 feet of sewer via cured-in-place liner
  • Replacement: 2,900 feet of sewer and 165 feet of drain

Prospect Street Sewer and Water Replacement

  • Rehabilitation: 1,200 feet of sewer via cured-in-place
  • Replacement: 5,600 feet of sewer and 700 feet of drain
  • Replacement: 6,500 feet of water main, including hydrants, gate valves, and water services
  • Reconstruction: Complete roadway reconstruction including sidewalks and curbing

Cove Avenue Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation: 4,600 feet of sewer via cured-in-place liner
  • Replacement: 400 feet of sewer and 170 feet of drain
  • Reconstruction: 500 feet of roadway including sidewalks and curbing

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