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  • sturbridge wastewater treatment facility

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Sturbridge Retirement Cooperative is a mobile home park with 175 existing and 55 proposed trailers serving residents over the age of 55.  The park has five community drinking water wells and had eleven separate septic systems located in the Zone I of the wells. The Cooperative entered into an administrative consent order with MassDEP to construct a new wastewater collection system and treatment facility that would effectively remove the septic systems from the zones of influence.

BETA  prepared  a  groundwater  discharge permit  that  involved  extensive  site investigations  including:  soil  borings  and  testing,  groundwater  modeling,  and  a hydrogeological investigation.

BETA  designed  a  39,500  gallon  per  day  advanced  wastewater  treatment  facility, consisting of a pre-treatment tank/trash trap, flow equalization, a 4-stage Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), circular clarifier, a de-nitrification filter, a low-pressure ultraviolet disinfection system, and odor control.

To minimize the financial burden on the owner, the project was divided into phases. The first phase included the pretreatment and flow equalization tanks.  Under the second phase, a new leaching field for subsurface effluent disposal was constructed. Both phases 1 and 2 are complete.  Construction of Phase 3, which includes collector sewers and the treatment facility, has not begun.  BETA coordinated with the Town Administrator  and  Pioneer  Valley  Planning  Commission  to  assist  in  securing  a Community Development Block Grant through HUD.

Project Management Team