Product Description
Bonded Wearing Course is a high performance thin (5/8” to 3/4”) hot mix overlay that consists of a single-step placement of spray applied polymer modified asphalt emulsion immediately ahead of gap-graded hot mix asphalt.  The treatment provides a new paved wearing surface that seals the existing pavement, preserves curb reveal, and creates a high skid resistant surface that will not de-laminate.

RSR Ranges

Product Materials
Polymer modified emulsion and gap graded hot mix asphalt

Life Expectancy
8-14 Years

Ideal Candidate
Bonded Wearing Course can be placed on all volumes of roadways, from local municipal streets through high speed highways and interstates.  Applications should be placed on sound structural pavement with a good overall profile. The existing pavement may have minor to moderate surface distresses such as cracking, raveling, oxidation and rutting.

Surface Preparation
Surface leveling and crack sealing should be completed as needed. Full depth patching may be required in areas of advanced deterioration. Structure adjustments, while not typically required, may be considered to damaged structures.

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