Product Description
Cape Sealing is the combination of first a conventional chip seal with a microsurfacing wearing course applied over the chip seal. Typically, there is a time period of at least 7-14 days between treatment applications.

RSR Ranges

Product Materials
Chip seal with a microsurfacing wearing course

Life Expectancy
7-10 Years

Ideal Candidate
Cape Seals should be placed on a sound structural pavement in good overall condition. The pavement may be experiencing oxidation, minor raveling due to aging of the pavement, moderate linear cracking, minor alligator cracking, or minor rutting and depressions. If there is any cracking of the existing pavement, crack sealing should be completed prior to cape seal.


Residential or Subdivision Roads where existing chip seal is either not accepted or in poor condition are ideal candidates for this treatment.

Surface Preparation
Surface leveling and crack sealing should be completed as needed. Full depth patching may be required in areas of advanced deterioration. Structure adjustments, while not typically required, may be considered to damaged or existing low structures.

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