Product Description
Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) is a rehabilitation process designed to eliminate cracking and other distresses in the top 2” to 5” of the roadway pavement. A down-cutting milling machine fitted with a liquid asphalt injection system is utilized to create and stabilize the RAP, and the recycled materials are then re-laid with conventional pavers and compaction rollers in one continuous operation. The CIR layer must be covered and protected by a wearing course which can range from typical 1.5” or 2” HMA overlays to thin surface treatments such as chip seals, microsurfacing or cape seals.

There are two different types of cold in-place recycling: foamed asphalt stabilized and asphalt emulsion stabilized.

RSR Ranges
70 and below

Product Materials
Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) from the existing road blended with either foamed PG asphalt or asphalt emulsion for stabilization purposes. Depending on the project objectives and the mix design, other additives may include Portland cement, virgin aggregates, or millings pre-applied to the road ahead of the recycler. A fog seal is also applied after compaction to protect the recycled layer from damage by water intrusion and traffic until the wearing course is installed.

Life Expectancy
10+ Years

Ideal Candidate
Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) is an appropriate and cost-effective option for roads too far deteriorated for a typical 1.5” to 2” mill-and-fill. The CIR process will eliminate distresses for the full recycled depth (up to 5”), thereby delaying the reflective cracking that occurs when only a shallow mill-and-fill strategy is utilized.

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