Product Description
Fog Seals are a light application of diluted asphalt emulsion applied with a distributor. Fine cover aggregate may also be applied by the distributor in a one-step process at the same time as the diluted emulsion for the purpose of providing higher levels of skid resistance. The treatment is best used prior to the appearance of pavement distresses to seal the existing pavement from air and water intrusion and to protect against oxidation.

There are three different types of fog seals: surface seal, rejuvenator, and a combination surface seal and rejuvenator.

RSR Ranges

Product Materials
Diluted Asphalt Emulsion and Fine Cover Aggregate (Optional)

Life Expectancy
2-4 Years

Ideal Candidate
Fog Seals should be placed on a sound structural pavement in good overall condition prior to the appearance of pavement distress. The pavement may be experiencing oxidation and minor raveling due to aging of the pavement. If there is any cracking of the existing pavement, crack sealing should be completed prior to fog seal.

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