Product Description
Microsurfacing is a high performance enhanced slurry seal composed of a mixture of polymer modified emulsified asphalt, dense-graded crushed fine aggregate, mineral filler (typically cement or lime), break control additives and water. Microsurfacing is typically placed at thicknesses between 1/4″ (single lift) to 3/8″ (double lift). Under most conditions, the roadway can resume carrying traffic in less than an hour.

Microsurfacing can be used (as a wearing surface) in conjunction with other surface treatments such as chip seal (see Cape Seal), Hot-In-Place Recycling or a leveling/shim course of HMA.

RSR Ranges

Product Materials
Cold mix of asphalt emulsion, latex, mineral filler and aggregate (also performance additives)

Life Expectancy
5-9 Years

Ideal Candidate
Applications should be placed on sound structural pavement with a good overall profile. The existing pavement may have minor to moderate surface distresses such as cracking, raveling or oxidation.

Surface Preparation
Surface leveling and crack sealing should be completed as needed. Full depth patching may be required in areas of advanced deterioration. Structure adjustments, while not typically required, may be considered to damaged or existing low structures.

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