Product Description
Mill and Overlay (otherwise known as Mill and Fill) is the process of grinding off the top layer of existing asphalt pavement by means of a large milling machine and replacing this layer with a new HMA riding surface. Typical depth of milling is between 1” and 2”, depending on the condition of the existing riding surface, depth of available curb reveal and depth of existing asphalt pavement. A leveling course may applied prior to the final riding surface to resolve rutting, depressions or other roadway profile issues.

RSR Ranges

Product Materials
Hot Mix Asphalt, typically 1.5” to 2”

Life Expectancy
12-15 years

Ideal Candidate
Mill and Overlay typically should be placed over sound structural pavement with a good profile. The pavement may be exhibiting minor to moderate surface distress (cracking, bleeding, raveling, oxidation).

Surface Preparation
Surface leveling should be completed as needed. Full depth patching may be required in areas of advanced deterioration. Structure adjustments may be considered to damaged structures.

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