Product Description
Infrared pavement heaters are used to create a “Thermal Bond” with newly added material for patching of localized areas.  A pavement heater is placed over the area to be addressed then heated to a workable temperature 200ᴼ-300ᴼF.  The heated surface is then scarified using iron rakes.  New admixture is introduced and reworked (leveled) and compacted.  Admixtures and sealants are introduced as required.

RSR Ranges

Product Materials
Bituminous Concrete Admixtures as Required, Modified Asphalt Emulsions

Life Expectancy
3-10 years

Ideal Candidate
A pavement surface in need of a small area of repair for improved ride-ability or drainage flow.

Can be used for repairs of: sunken utility trenches, surface water puddles, cold surface joints, surface gouges, and cosmetic defects on newly paved areas. Solution for transition improvements to: new overlays, manholes, catch basin structures, rail road crossings, bridge joints and curb ramp transitions (ADA compliance).

Thermal Patching is not a long-term solution when used on roadways with structural deficiencies.

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