Creating Efficiencies and Cost Savings Using Asset Management and GIS

December 7, 2020

Many municipalities are familiar with using asset management and GIS to inventory critical infrastructure assets such as pavement condition, signage, curb ramps, and catch basins. However, BETA has taken the technology a step further to help identify, address, and resolve gaps within municipal workflows.

From preventing disasters to being proactive about infrastructure resiliency, it is crucial to have the right information at the right time. Our proven methodology assists organizations, communities, and state entities gather, analyze, and use their data to increase productivity and efficiency, leading to significant long-term cost savings.

We approach this important task by examining the current state of an organization and evaluating its assets and records to create a Needs Assessment. Using Asset Management tools to develop a robust inventory, our team is able to identify gaps and/or inconsistencies within the data, whether in hard copy or electronic format. Once the data is gathered, BETA performs an analysis on the tangible assets, as well as the current workflows and processes within the department. We can then identify areas of opportunity to improve disorganized practices or eliminate waste to create efficiencies.

BETA recently worked with the Engineering Department at the Town of Wakefield, Massachusetts’ Department of Public Works to develop a Needs Assessment, which resulted in recommendations for workflow enhancements and diagrams, software/hardware recommendations and improvements, and process improvements for data management and record keeping. Additionally, BETA provided the Department with an organizational workflow depicting job titles, roles, and responsibilities for each employee.

For most communities, a significant cost benefit can be achieved by conducting a Needs Assessment. By identifying key areas where redundancies occur, workflow bottlenecks exist, and technological disadvantages appear, strategies can be implemented to remedy these problems which will save time and money.

Contact BETA to see if we can help you set workflow precedents to reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies.