Transportation and traffic engineering and planning are vital for fostering community economic development and an enhanced quality of life. Our experienced team possesses the technical expertise and forward-thinking mindset necessary to assist our clients throughout New England in achieving their objectives, starting at a project’s earliest stages. With an integrated and sustainable approach, we work together to overcome challenges and improve conditions to unlock benefits within the context of a community.

Our transportation and traffic engineering services include:

  • Planning and Impact Studies: We conduct in-depth assessments and studies to inform effective transportation planning and evaluate potential project impacts.
  • Highway and Roadway Design: Our experts design efficient and safe highways and roadways, ensuring seamless traffic flow and enhancing overall transportation infrastructure.
  • Traffic Engineering: We employ advanced techniques and analyses to optimize traffic flow, enhance safety, and improve efficiency on road networks.
  • Neighborhood Traffic Calming Programs: We develop tailored strategies to mitigate traffic-related issues within residential areas, fostering safer and more livable communities.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities: Our team designs and implements pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure, promoting active transportation and improving connectivity.
  • Advanced Signals and Systems: We leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize traffic signal timing and control systems, maximizing efficiency and reducing congestion.
  • Computer Micro Simulation: Using sophisticated simulation tools, we model and evaluate traffic patterns and behaviors to inform decision-making and optimize transportation systems.
  • Travel Demand Modeling: Through data analysis and modeling techniques, we forecast travel demand and plan for future transportation needs, facilitating effective infrastructure development.
  • Parking and Circulation Studies: We assess parking demands, evaluate circulation patterns, and develop solutions to enhance parking management and optimize traffic flow.
  • Complete Streets: We advocate for inclusive and multimodal transportation networks, designing streets that accommodate the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, public transit, and vehicles alike.
  • Integrated Infrastructure Design and Asset Management: Our holistic approach integrates transportation infrastructure with other utilities and services, ensuring long-term functionality and resilience.
  • Intermodal Facilities: We specialize in the planning and design of intermodal transportation hubs, seamlessly connecting various modes of transportation and enhancing regional connectivity.
  • Funding Assistance: We help municipalities explore funding opportunities for traffic and transportation projects, ensuring their successful implementation.

For more information regarding these projects or to discuss your specific needs, please contact Kien Ho, PE, PTOE.

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