Employee Spotlight

Mr. Anthony Garro is a Vice President specializing in the fields of GIS, Asset Management and Transportation Planning. Tony joined BETA in 1989 and quickly established himself as a thought leader and innovator. He continually seeks out creative solutions that are cost efficient and effective, assisting BETA and our clients in our efforts to plan and prepare for the future.

Tony’s approach to client service and delivering user-friendly products has yielded great results in the public works municipal market.  As a result, BETA’s GIS Team has grown to more than ten members and utilizes staff from other disciplines at BETA to supplement their team. The team has collectively deployed GIS-based Asset Management Systems to more than 100 communities throughout New England including a memorable project in the Northern Mariana Islands. Tony specializes in the development of capital improvement plans and presentations to municipal boards and commissions.

Tony is an active participant in the American Public Works Association, whose mission is to support the people, agencies, and organizations that plan, build, maintain, and improve our communities. Tony serves on several committees and has earned accolades and awards for his involvement. In 2015, he was presented with the Member of the Year Award for his dedication to excellence in public works. Perhaps the most important role Tony plays in the NEAPWA is that of an advocate to young professionals in the industry, mirroring the mentorship that he was fortunate to receive early in his career.  He has encouraged many young coworkers and colleagues to get involved with NEAPWA for the same support and networking opportunities that he has received throughout the years.

Tony’s devotion to his practice expands beyond BETA. In 2016, he was the recipient of the Massachusetts Highway Association’s John Kiley Vendor of the Year Award. This award goes to a vendor who has demonstrated a commitment to the MHA during the previous year. His continued support of the engineering profession, and to the municipal and public works employees who we serve, has been felt by the positive impact he brings to all of his industry-wide contacts.

When Tony joined the firm nearly 28 years ago, BETA was comprised of just 30 employees and Tony was an entry-level transportation planner with big aspirations. Today, Tony has brought his vision for his personal career growth to life, and has made significant contributions to BETA as the firm has grown to over 150 employees in five offices throughout New England. Tony is a valued member of BETA’s management team. His energetic and proactive nature brings fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the firm and his clients. If you are interested in discussing GIS or Asset Management solutions, we encourage you to contact Tony today to see how he can help you improve the communities where we live and work.