Our construction services team consists of skilled and highly-regarded construction managers, professional engineers, resident representatives, and on-site inspectors. With extensive experience in the construction industry, our team excels in delivering projects for our New England clients on time and within budget. We possess a deep understanding of current and effective construction techniques and materials, supported by years of hands-on design experience. Our commitment to record-keeping, communication, and coordination ensures seamless project execution.

Our construction services include:

  • Construction Administration and Management: Our experts oversee and manage all aspects of construction projects, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to project goals.
  • Pre- and Post-Construction Activities: We assist clients in the pre-construction planning phase, as well as post-construction tasks such as inspections, certifications, and closeout procedures.
  • On-site Resident and Field Inspection Services: Our dedicated inspectors provide comprehensive on-site monitoring and inspection to ensure quality and compliance throughout the construction process.
  • Construction Scheduling and Cost Estimating: We develop accurate schedules and cost estimates, enabling effective project planning and budget management.
  • Constructability Reviews and Evaluations: Our team conducts thorough assessments to identify potential construction challenges and proposes optimized solutions for efficient project execution.
  • Traffic Control and Pedestrian/Motorist Safety: We implement effective traffic control measures to ensure safety for all modes of transportation during construction activities.
  • Regulatory Permitting and Compliance: Our experts navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements, securing the necessary permits and ensuring full compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Materials Testing and Compliance: We conduct comprehensive materials testing and evaluation to guarantee compliance with industry standards and specifications, ensuring the durability and quality of construction projects.
  • Community Outreach Construction Programs: We actively engage with the community, facilitating open communication, addressing concerns, and promoting transparency throughout the construction process.

For more information about BETA’s construction services, please contact Joseph Simmons.

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