Companies can’t enforce camaraderie. But they can offer the tools to engineer it.

At BETA, each employee is a vital team member. In fact, our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a key component for engineering success and improving communities together. Our philosophy is that when you own a part of the company, you have a vested interest in seeing it succeed. BETA started an ESOP in 2000 to help ensure the future success of the company while providing a considerable profit-sharing and retirement plan to all of our employees. BETA’s ESOP requires no investment by the individual participant. Company stock is valued and distributed to employees annually based on the firm’s performance. The more time you invest in BETA, the greater your ESOP account will grow!

But it’s not just the benefits that make BETA an exceptional place to work. We offer training opportunities and educational reimbursement, support charitable organizations that are important to our staff and clients, encourage employees to participate in our in-house Corporate Wellness Program, and understand the importance of striking the right work-life balance to support the well-being of all of our employee-owners.

Perhaps most importantly, we have made it a formal corporate initiative to foster a culture of acceptance and respect. Our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee organizes activities to help us recognize opportunities to recruit and retain a diverse staff, ensure that all BETA employees feel safe and welcome, and promote an atmosphere that allows all individuals to achieve their greatest potential.

We are constantly striving to make sure BETA is equitable, inclusive, and a place for all employees to have an equal opportunity to thrive. The long tenure of many BETA staff members is indicative of the positive culture that BETA aims to provide for all employees.