Introducing BETA’s Virtual Meeting Platform

August 24, 2021

The pandemic has challenged all of us to adapt and pivot to a more virtual lifestyle. Like most businesses, we have hosted virtual meetings through Teams, Zoom, and other online platforms. However, this immersion into online meetings has given us a refreshed perspective on the opportunities offered by virtual gatherings.

With this seemingly permanent shift to online platforms, we have created a Virtual Meeting Room as a means to engage the public while offering an equitable and safe online platform for participants to easily access. Our Virtual Meeting Room has been rolled out successfully to our clients and has been used to present information, garner feedback, and showcase project details in a way that reaches a broader audience. Using innovative 3D technology, our clients can now host personalized, real-time, and face-to-face meetings with remote attendees. Once the meeting is over, the Virtual Meeting Room link remains open so interested participants can still access materials found within the room. Room materials can include fact sheets, related project documents, meeting notices, reports, and even a virtual site visit should the need arise. With the aid of 360° camera technology, the Virtual Meeting Room also allows meeting attendees to immerse themselves into existing and proposed site conditions. This groundbreaking technology can be used for interactive site tours of both existing as well as proposed conditions, which further enhances the remote virtual experience by letting the user see the project site in real context and scale.

In addition to providing a safe online environment while communities navigate constraints of COVID, the Virtual Meeting Room also provides an equitable platform for all participants who may be otherwise hindered by physical, geographic, or socio-economic limitations. From town meetings to project updates, this highly customizable tool can be an invaluable asset for communities that are looking to enhance or, when needed, replace their in-person events and communications.

Interested in working with us to develop a personalized Virtual Meeting Room? Contact us today!