The Changing Face of Employee Ownership at BETA

October 21, 2022
Celebrating employee ownership at BETA

At BETA, we take extreme pride in our work and treat the company and its success as our own, because we all have an important stake in it. In 2000, BETA officially designated the company as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) firm. This shift in ownership not only ensured the future success of the company, but also provided a considerable profit sharing and retirement plan to all employee-owners. This benefit is not only seen by the employees, but also our clients in the quality of work we provide.

As BETA has grown, the demographic of its employee-ownership has greatly changed. In the last decade, we’re proud to have added over 50 employees, more than doubling the number of female staff and minorities. We are also excited that we have also nearly doubled the number of young professionals (staff under 35) who now comprise close to 40% of the company. Our varied cultural backgrounds, ages, genders, and races make us a stronger team as we learn from one another and share new perspectives and diverse ideas, cultivating more efficient and creative problem solving for our clients.

This October, as we celebrate national Employee Ownership Month, we also celebrate BETA’s continuing evolution and success. We are constantly striving to make sure BETA is an equitable and inclusive place for all employees to have an equal opportunity to thrive, and we look forward to the future growth of the company and its employee owners.