The Rhode Island Municipal Road and Bridge Fund Program: Empowering Local Infrastructure

September 1, 2023

Understanding that infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the growth and vitality of a community, the state of Rhode Island recently established an initiative to support local municipalities in maintaining and enhancing their road and bridge networks. The Rhode Island Municipal Road and Bridge Fund Program, administered by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), makes $20 million available to fund important road, bridge, and sidewalk projects on locally maintained city and town roads.

Well-maintained roads and bridges are critical for economic development, public safety, and quality of life for Rhode Island residents. Local governments face significant challenges in maintaining their infrastructure, often with limited financial resources. This program empowers municipalities to address pressing infrastructure needs and foster sustainable growth.

For municipalities that participate, program funding will consist of a 67% local contribution with a 33% “match” provided by the state. The first $5 million of funding will be distributed equally, with each municipality eligible for $128,205. The remaining $15 million will be distributed proportionately based on each municipality’s share of non-federally eligible lane miles.

RIDOT will begin accepting applications for the Municipal Road and Bridge Fund beginning August 2, 2023. All applications must be submitted by October 15, 2023 to be eligible for funding through the Municipal Road and Bridge Fund. RIDOT will conduct a thorough review of all submitted applications, considering factors such as the project’s alignment with program objectives, safety considerations, community impact, and overall feasibility. Based on the evaluation, RIDOT will determine which projects receive funding.

The Rhode Island Municipal Road and Bridge Fund Program will significantly impact the state’s infrastructure and BETA is fully prepared to assist municipalities in their application process for this important initiative. Reach out today to talk about improving the roads and bridges in your community to foster economic growth, enhance safety, and improve the quality of life for residents.