Asset Management Program

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The City of Portsmouth retained BETA in 2016 to develop a sign inventory and maintenance program. The project consisted of conducting an inventory and assessment of signs including regulatory, warning, and guide signs City-wide. Approximately 3,500 signs were collected as part of the inventory. Attribute information such as sign type, material type, and MUTCD designation were coded into the database for reporting and mapping purposes. BETA developed a variety of reports, GIS maps, and a summary of findings, allowing the City to budget for replacement of damaged and non-compliant signs. The information allowed the City to develop and multi-year capital improvement program. At the completion of the project, BETA delivered a sign and maintenance tool for City staff to maintain the inventory and keep asset data up-to-date in real time using tablets, laptops, and/or cell phones.

As a value-add to the sign inventory project, BETA conducted a pilot project to inventory and assess roadways, sidewalks, and curb ramps in the downtown area of the City. The purpose of the pilot was to introduce the potential to manage all City roadway assets within the same platform. The City is currently considering adding these assets to their comprehensive Asset Management Program.