Barrett Park Master Improvements Plan – Traffic and Safety

Stamford, Connecticut

BETA has played a pivotal role in the City of Stamford’s efforts to revitalize Barrett Park and its surrounding area. Initially tasked with developing a master plan for the six-acre park near downtown Stamford, BETA’s proven expertise prompted the city to expand their scope of work. Our firm spearheaded civil engineering and planning services for Burdick Street, Upland/Belltown Road, and the Burdick Street parking lot adjacent to Barrett Park, focusing on enhancing roadway and traffic safety.

Our comprehensive streetscape design, complete with graphics and cost estimates, garnered significant attention. Governor Ned Lamont and Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto selected our redesign for an $800,000 state-funded Community Connectivity Grant Program. This substantial grant supports the realization of the proposed improvements, including lighting for parking areas and entries, pedestrian and vehicular enhancements for safe connections, and overall streetscape improvements. As a result of public meetings ensuring community input and consensus on design and enhancements, the project is slated for completion within the next three years. BETA Group’s multifaceted approach ensures a transformed and thriving urban space for Stamford residents.