Broadway (Route 138) Roadway and Traffic Signal Improvements

Taunton, Massachusetts

The Route 138 corridor in Taunton plays a vital role in connecting Taunton center and Route 495, but it posed significant safety risks to pedestrians and vehicles. To address these issues, BETA provided design, permitting, and construction services for roadway and traffic signal improvements along approximately ¾ mile of Broadway (Route 138), stretching from Leonard Street to Purchase Street.

With MassDOT overseeing the project’s construction, funding was secured through the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The comprehensive project involved full depth pavement reconstruction, the addition of new sidewalks and curbing, and the installation of ADA compliant wheelchair ramps to enhance accessibility.

Stormwater improvements were implemented for better environmental sustainability, while bicycle lanes and buffered bicycle lanes were incorporated to promote alternative transportation options. At the intersection of Bay Street with Broadway, geometric improvements were introduced to rectify the former skewed approach.

Existing traffic signals at the intersections of Washington Street and Purchase Street were reconstructed, significantly improving safety and optimizing traffic operations in the area. These improvements have created a safer, more efficient, and accessible transportation corridor for Taunton’s residents and visitors.

Project Management Team