Complete Streets Prioritization Plan

Nantucket, Massachusetts

The Town of Nantucket hired BETA to develop its Tier 2 Complete Streets Prioritization Plan. As part of the program, BETA performed condition assessments and data collection of sidewalks, intersections, corridors, multi modal facilities, and high crash areas.

BETA’s scope for the plan was to identify potential complete streets improvement projects, develop conceptual construction cost estimates, and to formulate the prioritization plan.

BETA used a combination of applied geospatial analysis and transportation understanding to identify potential complete streets projects/elements based on the particular needs of the community and the presence and condition of existing infrastructure. BETA also applied field collected data, practical constructability (feasibility), physical observations and behaviors of roadway users, and various site specific alternatives to gain a better understanding of projects that would ultimately be incorporated into the prioritization plan. Proposed improvements include high quality sidewalk and bicycle network gap connections, public transportation, accessibility, traffic calming practices, high-visibility pedestrian crossings, curb extensions, and more.

BETA worked with the Department of Public Works and the Planning Department to develop the potential Complete Streets projects. Public presentations and the continued involvement with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee helped to prioritize the projects that were included in the plan. The Tier 2 Prioritization Plan has been approved by MassDOT, and BETA will work with the Town on Tier 3 Application submittal for construction funding.