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Curb Ramp/Sidewalk Inventory & ADA Compliance Plan

Taunton, Massachusetts

In 2012, The City of Taunton retained BETA to conduct Engineering and GIS Services related to the development of an inventory of the City’s sidewalk curb ramps at intersections in order to identify physical obstacles that limit the accessibility of its programs or activities to individuals with disabilities, as they relate to the ADA/Section 504 Transition Plan. Services were also sought to enhance the City’s capability to manage its Transition Plan within a database and GIS environment.

In Taunton, there are approximately 185 miles of roadway and 1,400 intersections, of which 407 contain pedestrian crossings. Of the approximate 1,400 intersections, 901 are within public accepted roadways and were the limits for the inventory. There are approximately 1,142 curb ramps that exist within the City.

Meetings were held with the Director of Public Works and City staff in order to identify the goals of the City regarding ADA/Section 504 Transition Plan regulations. A curb ramp inventory program was developed. Ramps were inventoried at intersections only. The inventory included a review of existing ramp placement, ramp dimensions, and ramp condition. Ramp dimensions included measurements consisting of ramp opening, ramp landing width, landing length, and ramp slope. The determination of whether or not the ramp was fitted with a detectable warning panel was also recorded.

In addition to the curb ramp inventory, the City later tasked BETA with conducting a study within priority sidewalk areas. The sidewalk and ramp data has been utilized in the development of the City’s capital improvement and Section 504 Transition Plan.


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