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Dean Street Pumping Station

Taunton, Massachusetts

The Dean Street Pumping Station is one of Taunton’s major pumping stations and receives the majority of its flow from the neighboring Town of Raynham. Station capacity is significantly impacted by wet weather flows. The two existing 1,440 gpm pumps were beyond their useful design life and required constant maintenance.

The station is relatively deep and access to the pump level was poor, creating no easy means for operators to remove or maintain the pumps. The pumping station site is small with approximate dimensions of 40 feet by 42 feet, and is bordered by wetlands to the north and west, and by a parking area to the east.

During preliminary design, BETA worked with the City to develop alternatives for pumping station improvements and opted to replace the existing wet pit, dry pit station with a new submersible station adjacent to the existing station. Due to existing site limitations, a wet well with an integral valve vault was proposed to reduce the overall foot print of the station.

New submersible pump selections were made based on existing influent flow records and available downstream capacity. Accordingly, the station capacity was increased to 2,600 gpm.

The project included:

  • Three submersible pumps (1,650 gpm, 60 hp each) providing a firm pumping capacity of 2,600 gpm
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • New Instrumentation and Control System
  • 250 KW generator housed in an aluminum sound attenuating enclosure with subbase diesel fuel tank
  • Sound Attenuating enclosure has a separate room to store MCC’s and I&C System

Project Management Team