Derry Master Plan

Derry, New Hampshire


BETA prepared the transportation element of the Master Plan for the Town of Derry, New Hampshire. BETA completed an inventory of existing conditions, which consisted of data and information from the Town and other agencies, interviews of key Town staff, and site visits and observations. The information and data were summarized to identify the current resources and conditions within the Town.

BETA coordinated with the Planning Department throughout the process. BETA staff attended and helped facilitate two Town-wide Master Plan public forums, where the public identified issues and future goals for the Town. Approximately 100 people attended each public forum.

Based on input from public outreach efforts and the Planning Department, BETA developed goals, actions, and strategies for the transportation and circulation elements of the plan. Goals included planning for transportation impacts from the proposed I-93 4A interchange which would increase traffic on the north end of town and reduce traffic in the downtown, and making the downtown safer and attractive for walking and biking. The Master Plan document included an Implementation Plan, which identifies timelines and responsibilities for completing the Master Plan actions.