• Concord St Framingham MA
  • Concord St Framingham MA
  • Concord St Framingham MA

Downtown Design & Construction

Framingham, Massachusetts

The City of Framingham retained a multi-disciplined team, led by BETA, to review existing conditions within its downtown area and develop a comprehensive strategy for enhancements. The scope included the assignment of traffic flow, pedestrian movements, street lighting levels and system design, and urban design features such as streetscape treatments, landscaping, amenities, and “placemaking” measures.

BETA took a Complete Streets approach which included a community involvement program led by a Steering Committee. The outreach program included an extensive public participation process as well as numerous meetings/presentations to MassDOT, the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, the Chamber of Commerce, local businessmen, and the Accessibility Board.

Key Features include:

  • Updated signal equipment and additional signal installations with coordinated operation; emergency vehicle & railroad preemption and exclusive pedestrian phasing. Also incorporated is a Hybrid Adaptive Signal Technology to more efficiently process traffic flow that experiences constant interruptions related to parking maneuvers, shared bicycle lanes, and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings.
  • Upgraded sidewalks with greater width, where possible, and the provision of curb extensions at key crossing locations to improve driver visibility and reduce pedestrian crossing distances.
  • Improved roadway geometrics to better channelize vehicular movements.
  • Enhanced streetscape with amenities.
  • Upgraded street lighting with ornamental fixtures and higher levels of illumination.
  • Cross-section modifications to provide bicycle accommodations.

Project Management Team