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Downtown Streetscape and Traffic Improvements

Reading, Massachusetts

Route 28 passes, north to south, through Downtown Reading. Within the limits of the Downtown, there are four signalized intersections along Route 28 (Main Street). In addition to significant commercial land use, the Downtown contains a historic district with key features of the Town Common and the Old South Church.

BETA assisted the Downtown Steering Committee with the development of streetscape concepts and worked to build consensus on traffic improvements. The resulting plan balances regional and local transportation needs with the historic character and economic vitality of the Downtown.

The overall Downtown streetscape and traffic improvements plan included the conversion of a section of Lowell Street to a parking/pedestrian area. This area was treated with significant streetscape enhancements and serves to connect the Town Common to Town Hall and other land uses.

In addition to coordinated traffic signals and roadway improvements, the project includes decorative pavement surfaces, new sidewalks with brick borders and accent features, new tree plantings, landscaping, planters, granite bollards, and a complete period lighting system including special lighting units to illuminate historic features.

Project Management Team