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Downtown Streetscape

Norwell, Massachusetts

Norwell is a quiet and peaceful residential community of 10,000 residents with a unique ship building history. The downtown is situated in eastern portion of the town about halfway between routes 53 to the west and 3A to the east.

BETA is working with the Town Planner and a Steering Committee on the development of a conceptual plan for Norwell’s downtown. The Town’s goals for the project are to improve pedestrian and vehicular flow along Main Street (Route 123), visually enhancing the center, and increasing pedestrian activity between the businesses, the Town Common, and the nearby Post Office and Norris Reservation.

The main parts of the plan include decreasing the amount of pavement at the Main and River Street intersection, shortening crosswalks, preparing options for angled and parallel parking in front of businesses, locating of brick sidewalks and seating areas, developing vehicular and parking improvements to the Common, preparing a palette of street furniture, and historic lighting.

Project Management Team