Environmental Assessments

Hartford, Connecticut

BETA has provided a variety of environmental assessment services for the City of Hartford on properties that the City owns or is in the process of acquiring. These services have included Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Hazardous Building Materials Inspections (HBMIs), Limited Subsurface Investigations (LSIs), Class A-2 Surveys, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys. BETA has provided these services over the last several years at the following properties:

  • 58 Chapel Street – Phase I ESA, HBMI, and GPR Survey
  • 17 Squire Street – Phase I ESA, HBMI, and LSI
  • 272 Garden Street – Phase I ESA, HBMI, GPR Survey, Class A-2 Survey, and LSI
  • 40 Webster Street – Phase I ESA and Class A-2 Survey
  • 36 Wolcott Street – Phase I ESA
  • 20 Wolcott Street – Phase I ESA
  • 66 Chestnut Street – Phase I ESA
  • 445 Zion Street – HBMI
  • 525 Ann Uccello – Phase I ESA and GPR Survey
  • 529 Ann Uccello – Phase I ESA
  • 360 Market Street – Phase I ESA
  • 1355 Main Street – Phase I and II ESAs, Survey, Structural Evaluation, and HBMI
  • 234 Barbour Street – Phase I ESA, HBMI, Structural Evaluation, and Building Demolition
  • 270-288 Albany Avenue – Phase I ESA, HBMI, and Structural Evaluation

Issues at these properties have included the presence of urban fill, underground storage tanks, contaminated abutting properties, asbestos, lead-based paint, and other hazardous building materials. A few of these properties had historic uses that fell under the Connecticut Transfer Act. BETA’s LEP has guided all of these assessments and has provided a high level of service and insight on the unique issues at each of these properties.


Hartford CT Environmental Assessment

Project Management Team