• Hartford CT Environmental Assessment
  • Hartford Enviromental Assessment

Environmental Assessments

Hartford, Connecticut

BETA has provided a variety of environmental assessment services for the City of Hartford on properties that the City owns or is in the process of acquiring. These services have included Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Hazardous Building Materials Inspections (HBMIs), Limited Subsurface Investigations (LSIs), Class A-2 Surveys, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys. BETA has provided these services over the last several years at the following properties:

  • 58 Chapel Street – Phase I ESA, HBMI, and GPR Survey
  • 17 Squire Street – Phase I ESA, HBMI, and LSI
  • 272 Garden Street – Phase I ESA, HBMI, GPR Survey, Class A-2 Survey, and LSI
  • 40 Webster Street – Phase I ESA and Class A-2 Survey
  • 36 Wolcott Street – Phase I ESA
  • 20 Wolcott Street – Phase I ESA
  • 66 Chestnut Street – Phase I ESA
  • 445 Zion Street – HBMI
  • 525 Ann Uccello – Phase I ESA and GPR Survey
  • 529 Ann Uccello – Phase I ESA
  • 360 Market Street – Phase I ESA

Issues at these properties have included the presence of urban fill, underground storage tanks, contaminated abutting properties, asbestos, Lead-based paint, and other hazardous building materials. A few of these properties had historic uses that fell under the Connecticut Transfer Act. BETA’s LEP has guided all of these assessments and has provided a high level of service and insight on the unique issues at each of these properties.

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