• Former F.B. Rogers Silversmith Building

Former F.B. Rogers Silversmith Building and Brownfield Development

Taunton, Massachusetts

BETA, in association with Smith & Wessel, coordinated and oversaw the preparation of bidding documents, including technical specifications, bidding phase and on-site observation services for demolition of a 100-year old former mill building located on the banks of the Taunton River. The building was partially demolished in order to preserve the oldest brick portion of the historic mill building for reuse as a mixed use development. As a result, coordination with the Taunton Fire Department to maintain fire suppression sprinkler systems within the building during and after demolition was required. The prior use of the site for metal work has resulted in portions of site soil containing elevated levels of lead and silver. BETA included the design and oversight of soil cleanup in the bid specifications. The design, bidding, and construction phases of this four-story industrial complex were fast-tracked and completed within six months.

Under a separate EPA Brownfields Grant, BETA was retained to provide LSP services related to the capping of metals-impacted soil, in-situ stabilization of lead-impacted groundwater, implementation of other soil characterization, and off-site management projects.