GIS & Asset Management Services

Somersworth, New Hampshire

BETA’s GIS/Asset Management department has been working with the City of Somersworth, NH since 2019 on the development of its GIS centric asset management platform. BETA was initially hired by the City to develop a Pavement Management Program (PMP) of its City maintained roadway network. The program was developed using ESRI GIS-based tools, utilizing the State of New Hampshire’s DOT road centerline file as the foundation to establish the mapping and planning for the project. The program included a pavement condition assessment on roughly 50 centerline miles utilizing an image-based automated data collection methodology. Upon completion of the inventory, BETA provided the City with its standard set of reports and maps, as well as access to its ManageMyRoads ArcGIS Online based platform.

In 2021, BETA was contracted by the City to develop a sidewalk inventory and condition assessment utilizing GIS-based tools in conjunction with the PMP. BETA’s experienced field crew located and inspected approximately 26 miles of sidewalks for general conditions to help facilitate future capital planning efforts. Upon completion of the inventory, BETA provided the City with its standard set of reports and GIS figures and integrated the data into the City’s ManageMyRoads platform. As part of this project, BETA also located roughly 500 curb ramps at the GIS desktop level and included in the ArcGIS Online update.

Since the inception of the PMP in 2019, BETA has provided support services to the City for maintaining and updating the platform. This includes updating the system annually to reflect roadway improvements as well as presenting results at public meetings. BETA will continue to provide the City system support with regards to system maintenance, capital planning efforts, and updates to software, as well as introducing new data collection technologies for future roadway inspections.